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Broadcast Solutions With You in Mind

Tigre Strategics, Inc. is an industry leader in broadcast communications with over 20 years of experience. Tigre is committed to providing exceptional customer care and unmatched quality control. Our innovative web based messaging technology provide our clients a stress free communications process to reach their audience. Tigre’s dedicated staff will help you every step of the way-from phone matching, recording sound files to uploading lists, working within our interface and accessing reports. In addition, we can help with scripting, broadcast timing, complying with federal laws and so much more. Or let Tigre do it all for you! Save time, save money, save sanity.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We understand that each client has specific needs. That's why we offer unique plans based on your goals, not a one size fits all plan. We guarantee that your customized plan will be secure and user friendly. All of your information can be easily and instantly uploaded and accessed to our system with just a few clicks of a button. With the help of Tigre-Strategics, you can reduce your costs, boost your sales or votes, and increase your productivity. Contact us today for your personalized quote.

  • Call Center Solutions

    Do you have a need for live fundraising calls? Or maybe you have a need for live voter identification or persuasion? Or are you trying to build or manage a grassroots campaign that requires call-transfer or patch-through to local, state or national elected officials? Tigre has you covered on all fronts.
    Our call centers deliver your messages with neutral sounding voices, and a passion for being on time and on budget. Don’t just take our word for it. Take our challenge and let us compete head-to-head against your current call center. We are certain your cost per donation or your successful patch-thru rate will exceed your expectations.
  • Voice Broadcasting

    Use Tigre’s voice broadcast solution to send your pre-recorded voice message to thousands of households within minutes. We also offer ring-less voicemail options for mobile telephones so your recipients can listen at their convenience.
    It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

    1. Record your message over the telephone or PC
    2. Log-on to our website and upload your list to our system
    3. Instantly begin rapid deployment of your message.

  • Telephone Town Hall Meetings:

    Use Tigre’s preferred virtual telephone-town hall meeting solution to instantly connect hundreds even thousands of your supporters, co-workers, neighbors, or constituents for an interactive town hall like meeting. Our technology will dial all of your contacts within minutes and allows you to seamlessly interact with your participants allowing them to ask their questions live, participate in surveys, and even leave voice mail messages expressing their thoughts or comments.

  • Voter Lists Purchase

    Do you need targeted voter lists? We have them, and our rates are very competitive. Call us with your specific needs. Quotes are free and we have no minimum charges. By purchasing through us, you can cleanse and update your mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses on your voter list. In turn, you’ll maximize your potential voter pool by appending accurate emails and phone numbers to your list and adding reliable data to give you more options for effective targeting.
  • Automated & Live Surveys

    Automated and live surveys are efficient tools for customer research. Rather than spend money on large staffs, Tigre’s automated telephone surveys allow pollsters to minimize costs and deliver results in near real-time speed. We can bill you by the hour, or by the completion of your project and our rates are ultra-competitive. Contact us today for a free quote. No jobs are too big or too small. We have a network of 3,400 seats, and because we have a vast network, last minute jobs are our specialty.
  • Automated & Live

    Patch through calls function like a transfer call. Patch-through campaigns are an effective way to mobilize your members or voters in a quick fashion. Whether choosing an automated or live patches, our team at Tigre can help you build the best program possible and work towards achieving your goals.

  • Email Broadcasting

    Tigre uses the latest technology available to ensure your specific email needs are met. Are you trying to send to a small list several times a month, or are you in need of a true interactive e-marketing campaign management tool? Whatever your needs, you can Trust in Tigre for a customized solution. Our email broadcast solutions are fully customizable. We use innovative methods to take full advantage of the latest that social media marketing has to offer.
  • Fax Broadcasting

    Use Tigre’s fax broadcast solution to send your documents to all of your contacts within minutes. Once your documents are uploaded, our system will begin rapid deployment of your information. If you don’t have the time, let Tigre’s staff handle all the work for you at no additional charge.

  • Data Matching and
    Append Services

    Don’t have the current email address or telephone numbers for your clients, supporters, or constituents? No problem. Tigre can help you append your current data files using the most up-to-date databases available. Telephone appends can be done the same day in most instances, and email appends can be done in a matter of days, not weeks. Our match rates are high, but our prices are low.

Your Tools For Success

Below you'll find helpful documents to help turn your goals into a successful campaign.


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At Tigre-Strategics, we are committed to staying on top of the latest news and trends within the broadcast messaging industry. Stay in the know by following us on your favorite social media site, catching up on the latest article, or checking out one of our upcoming events. Here you’ll find helpful documents and broadcast messaging tips to help you turn your goals into a successful campaign.

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